Mark Summers NEW Album/DVD 2018

£ 12 

To celebrate winning the UK 2018 National Tribute Music Awards as the Official Number One Elvis Show, Our NEW Album & DVD is on Sale and available NOW! FREE Postage

New 2018 Album/DVD with Show Program

£ 15 

The New 2018 Album/DVD with 24 Page Show Program (Inc Free P&P)

Show Program 2018

£ 3 

NEW 24 page glossy show program is now available for only £3 (Inc P&P)

Mark Summers Elvis 2016 Album

£ 12 

This is Mark Summers first Album/DVD from 2016

 MCPS Registered Product, Licensed music JAK Records, Copy right Mark Summers Management ©

Signed 2016 Poster

£ 2.50 

Personally signed 2016 Posters, New artwork for 2016, please send us a message you would like or Mark can sign Best whishes/ Lots of love

FULL Collection CDs/DVDs/Program and Poster

£ 20 

The Ultimate collection bothe Albums/ DVDS from 2016 and 2018, plus NEW Show Program and Signed poster (Inc P&P)